7th Feburary



Tasks to be undertaken for the week:

@nick_schuch - To start working on the Block UI tour (
@nielsonm - To start working on the Admin Content page tour (
@larowlan - To work on the tour help page. Which will contain a list of all the tour's (
@jibran - Reviewing Extend tour patch (

31 January

Today we had a very successful meeting with alot of great outcomes.



Tasks to be undertaken for the week:

@larowlan to review 'previous' button patch (
@nielsonm to re-roll user edit and admin people page for new route schema, @larowlan to work on tests (
@kim.pepper to re-roll field-ui tour around routes (
@nick_schuch to talk to @batigolix who has expressed interest in being a part of the process.
@larowlan to approach @vijayc85 to ask is he would be available to help.

Special note:

We also discussed about how formalising a process for getting tour patches up to the RTBC stage. That process is:

a) Someone writes content and tags issue as "tour, status: new, needs work"
b) Ready for basic review of code and approach "tag: tour, status: needs review"
c) Write test coverage and tag "tour needs tests, needs tests, tour"
d) Ready for content review and tag as "tour content review, tour"
e) When content review has finished we can tag as "rtbc"

3rd January


  • pameeela currently working on Views UI tour.
  • kim.pepper working on Block UI tour.

27th December

Christmas holidays.

20th December

There were no attendees.

13th December


- Larowlan joins hangout. We discuss paths to routes patch.

6th December


  • Welcome - Introduce everyone and define roles in the team.
  • Gatekeepers - Define workflow and gatekeepers for getting tickets committed.
  • Setting weekly goal - Define our weekly goal that we will strive towards.
  • Assigning tasks - Assign out tasks and determine if mentoring is required.


  • The gatekeepers will be nick_schuch for code and pameeela for content.
  • Check the current state of tour in HEAD.
  • RTBC the routes patch provided by larowlan.
  • kim.pepper to look at writing a tour for Block UI.
  • rcaracaus to continue working on his admin/content patch.
  • pameeela to continue working on Views UI update patch.
  • nick_schuch to review current patches and groom backlog.
  • larowlan to review current patches.
  • rcaracaus suggested that non technical contributors can take screenshots and submit those. It was agreed this is a good approach.
  • pameeela and kim.pepper suggested that we write the scaffold yaml for a page (including selectors) and an editor could add the content.



Run through of tour module latest patch